Why you should clean your air conditioner regularly

woman cleaning the air conditionerDuring the summer months many people rely on their air conditioning unit to help keep them cool and comfortable. Nothing is worse than the air conditioning unit shutting down during a hot day. These shut down can be prevented with regular maintenance. There are several reasons why you should clean your air conditioner regularly.

Blocked Airflow

The air filters are one of the most important parts of the air conditioner. They allow the cold air to come out of the unit and cool down the room. If the filters are clogged or dirty then the air flow will be reduced. The system will have to work harder and used more electricity. The unit will be costing more money to run while producing fewer results.


If the coils and the condenser are not cleaned dirt and grime can build up on them. If any part of the air conditioning unit is dirty they will not be able to absorb heat or cool down a room. If the unit is outside it should be check for leaves, twigs, and other debris . No one wants to breathe in impure air in their home.

The coil fins on the air conditioner can become bent and this can block the flow of air. They need to be cleaned with a tool known as a fin comb. This comb will help the fins straighten out and go back to their original shape.

You should have your air conditioner services by a professional at least yearly to make sure the unit is in proper working order. The professional service person will make sure that everything is tight inside and will clean the air conditioner. Between visits a person should check and clean the filter to make sure that dirt does not build up and interfere with the performance of the air conditioner.

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