Why does my air conditioner keep freezing?

air conditioner with frozen coilDoes your air conditioner keep freezing? It could be because of different reasons – and most of them lies on the fact that the system hasn’t been properly maintained. Here is a look at few of the common reasons:

  • The air flow is being disrupted which is leading to the coil wire becoming too cold – which could lead to freezing
  • There might be low refrigerant levels as well – which can make the coil become too cold again
  • The machine might even suffer from a faulty fan which can prevent the regular air flow
  • The air conditioner could also have faulty thermostats and drainage problems – other possible causes for a freeze up

If you have a faulty coil, it could lead to damage to the compressor, which can be really expensive to fix. If you find your air conditioner not working as it should, and freezing, stop it immediately and call in a technician to better diagnose the problem. Don’t keep the system running – it could potentially result in far greater damages.

Why is Maintaining Your Air Conditioner Important?

Simply put, a healthy air conditioner can actually reduce your energy bill and net you more savings. So if you are worried about the spiraling cost of heating and cooling your home, it’s time you take preventive measures by getting regular check-ups done.
Remember, even if your air conditioning system is new and working well, you still need to get those air ducts cleaned periodically. Regular HVAC maintenance and checkup should take care of that as well. By taking these preventive measures, you can better protect yourself and your family while ensuring that you save some money in the process. Heating and cooling homes is an expensive affair, but that won’t be the case with a well-maintained air conditioner in place. Now, you can safely go for a vacation and not worry about whether your HVAC would be operating well when you return home.

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