Why are SEER ratings important when buying a new system?

Benefit vs Cost - SEER RatingLooking to buy a good air conditioner? You might be looking at different factors, including a set budget. However, that’s not the only thing you should consider – you need to look at SEER ratings before zeroing in on your final choice.

So, what is the SEER rating?

It’s the rating that tells you just how efficient your system is. The better the rating, the more efficient it will be for you over the long term. Plus, you would have a system that is more environment-friendly – just the way you want it.

SEER, which is actually the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, takes a look at different factors of the machine, including air conditioning, heating and refrigeration.

To get a SEER rating, you will need to take the cooling output and then divide it by the total electric energy – both during the same period.

How do you know which system is better?

Look for a higher SEER rating – a higher SEER rating denotes a better system.

How do You Locate the SEER ratings?

Most machines have it mentioned where they mention the Energy Guide. It may not be mentioned by itself, but along with the model number. For instance, if you see something written as 13CD, it means that 13 is the SEER rating while CD is the model number.

How much SEER rating do you need?

You can find SEER product rating as high as 25. However, most of the machines today have a SEER rating of around 13 to 14 – and they are good enough. However, to determine what is right for you, you need to know the climate of your home – normally, a 13 SEER rating is good enough for you.

However, a lot depends on the room size as well as the time you want to use the machine that should determine your eventual choice.

If you are trying to know just how much you can save, you can use the energy savings calculator by Energy Star which can help you know which A/C unit is best for you.

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