How does refrigerant leak happen?

contractor checking for refrigerant leaksEven with proper maintenance household appliances can break. A person can take care of their air conditioning but it can still spring a leak. The evaporator coils are one of the most common problems in the air conditioning unit and there are a couple of different reasons as to why it can be leaking.

If the air conditioner is an older model than there may be a problem with the connections in the air conditioner . The copper tubing inside of the unit may have come disconnected from the braze joints. As the air conditioner vibrates over time these connections can become lose when this happens a leak may occur.

Another thing that may be causing the unit to leak is that the shrader valve is leaking Freon. This valve will then need to be replaced. . These valves are similar in size to the ones that are found on a tire. The rubber seals on this valve could have rotted away or it may have gotten stuck. This is an easy repair and these valves are inexpensive to replace.

The leak may be due to an issue with the capillary tube. This tube is located in the evaporator coil or it can be outside the heat pump if the unit has a heat pump. These tubes are made from cover and when the unit rubs together they can come lose over time. Due to rubbing against each other small holes can also form. When this happens the unit will leak Freon. If the leak is found the tube can be cut an replaces. In order to reach this a professional will have to open up the entire unit.

These are just some of the common issues that can be causing refrigerant leak to happen. When a person notices their air conditioning unit leaking they should call a professional repair person right away. They will be able to find the source of the leak an fix it.

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