Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

contractor performing ac maintenanceWhen it comes to getting an air conditioning system repair done, it is always advisable to hire a skilled and reliable company that knows its job well and charges you a reasonable amount for the same.

If you are using a HVAC system for your home, then you may want to take some preventive measures to ensure that you and your loved ones continue to enjoy access to clean and healthy air and good health.

According to EPA, the air that you breathe in at your home is nearly 5 times more polluted than the air outside – and that’s after taking into account various factors such as being situated near a factory and hazard zones. In short, if you thought you did not require a central heating, ventilation and cooling system at your home, you thought wrong; and if you have one but thought that was enough, think again!

Why do You Need to Maintain your air conditioning system?

The reasons why it makes sense to have an HVAC set up at your home is obvious. But once you have one set up, there’s no reason to assume that it would work fine all on its own, year after year. Like every other machine and electronic product, it needs to be maintained well for it to work effectively.
HVAC’s which are not maintained or cleaned regularly, will operate at half efficiency or even less and break down regularly. So once that happens, the chances are that you will call in a regular contractor who can bill you nearly $1500 for carrying out simple maintenance repairs.

In order to make the job easier and yield better results, keep in mind these tips for air conditioning and furnace repairs.

  • Inspect the filters, blower, ducts and coils for any kind of obstruction or dirt periodically.
  • Take out time to clean the filters once every month. If need be, get in touch with a HVAC system repair company and get it replaced. Your system might stop working as it should if the filter is clogged
  • Check the system for any pooling water or leaks which might take place suddenly
  • Check for any broken sealants or cracks of any kind around the air conditioning system or the furnace
  • The outdoor handlers must be examined for grass, fallen debris or any other outdoor stuff which might clog the system or interfere with its proper functioning

It makes more sense to go in for preventive measures and get one of those regular maintenance services and have checkups performed. Various contractors offer regular HVAC maintenance and care packages which cost about one tenth or less compared to what a repair from a contractor can cost.

Moreover, with these regular maintenance visits scheduled, you can rest easy knowing that your HVAC system is operating at full efficiency and your heating bills are what they actually meant to be. This simple air conditioning maintenance checklist can work wonders.

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